Commit 244c0209 authored by Greifeneder Felix's avatar Greifeneder Felix

integrating support for multiple points

parent b5a48a52
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......@@ -14,14 +14,25 @@ from pytesmo.time_series.plotting import plot_clim_anom
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression
from pytesmo.temporal_matching import df_match
# Class to access information from GEE, related to point coordinates TODO include sopport for multiple points
class GEE_pt(object):
"""Class to create an interface with GEE for the extraction of parameter time series
def __init__(self, lon, lat, workdir, buffer=20):
loc: tuple or list of tuples containing longitude and latitude (lon, lat)
lat: latitude in decimal degrees
workdir: path to a directory to save output e.g. time-series plots
buffer: radius of the time-series footprint
def __init__(self, loc, workdir, buffer=20):
self.lon = lon = lat
if isinstance(loc, list):
print('Multiple points are not yet supported. Please specify pos as a tuple (lon,lat)')
self.lon = loc[0] = loc[1]
self.buffer = buffer
self.workdir = workdir
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