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Please follow the installation instructions below:
To view the package documentation and instructions for the installation go to:
<p>Most of the data processing is executed on-line on Google Earth Engine.
Therefore, the execution of this script requires a Google account and access to Google Earth Engine -
we are working on an updated version that will utilize a GEE Application Key rather than a personal account.</p>
<h3>Installation of the Google Earth Engine API</h3>
<p>To allow the script to talk to Google Earh Engine the API has to be installed. Please follow the instructions at
this link: <a href="">GEE API</a></p>
<h3>Installtion of the Google Drive API</h3>
<p>After the computation inside Google Earth Engine is finished, the results are exported to your Google Drive.
To let the script access and download the results to you local computer,
the Google Drive API has to be installed as well. Please follow the instructions here:
<a href="">Google Drive API</a></p>
<p>As described in the manual, for the first run, the authentication can be initiated by running the script. To enable the download of data please modify the following line of the script:
SCOPES = '' -->
SCOPES = ''</p>
<h3>Python Installation</h3>
<p>Clone the git repository and run <i>python install</i></p>
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