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# hdd-cdd-test # CORDEX Heating and Coooling Degree Days for Europe
This repository publish a data set of the Heating Degree Days (HDDs) and Cooling Degree Days (CDDs) derived from the [EURO-CORDEX]( simulation datasets.
The cordex dataset provide a set of simulations with the daily min and max temperature of the historical (1971) and future simulations (2136).
The heating degree days (HDD) and the cooling degree days (CDD), computed using different base temperatures, are calculated using the daily dataset.
The HDD and CDD are essential parameters to assess the energy demand of different building typologies and uses.
The outputs are a raster map of the user-selected area with the mean HDD and CDD values and a graph showing the value ranges extracted from the simulations ensemble.
To produce the HDDs and CDDs available on this repository we used the EURO-CORDEX simulation ensemble at 0.11 degrees of spatial resolution from historical and future scenarios, under different assumptions of [Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP)]( of:
- evaluation
- historical
- RCP4.5 and
- RCP8.5
We analyzed and processed 297 simulations using different regional and local models and boundary conditions.
The values returned to the user are the statical values extracted from the whole set of simulations.
We used min and max daily simulations to compute the daily heating degree days (HDD) with:
HDD(T_{min}, T_{max}, T_{base})=
0, & \text{if } T_{min} > T_{base} \\
\frac{T_{base} - T_{min}}{4}, & \text{elif } \frac{T_{max} + T_{min}}{2} > T_{base} \\
\frac{T_{base} - T_{min}}{2} - \frac{T_{max} - T_{base}}{4} , & \text{elif } T_{max} \geq T_{base} \\
T_{base} - \frac{T_{max} + T_{min}}{2} , & \text{elif } T_{max} < T_{base} \\
0 , & \text{else} \\
with $T_{min}$ and $T_{max}$ that are the daily min and max temperatures. $T_{base}$ is the base temperature.
CDD(T_{min}, T_{max}, T_{base})=
0, & \text{if } T_{max} < T_{base} \\
\frac{T_{max} - T_{base}}{4}, & \text{elif } \frac{T_{max} + T_{min}}{2} < T_{base} \\
\frac{T_{max} - T_{base}}{2} - \frac{T_{base} - T_{min}}{4} , & \text{elif } T_{min} \leq T_{base} \\
\frac{T_{max} + T_{min}}{2} - T_{base} , & \text{elif } T_{min} > T_{base} \\
0 , & \text{else} \\
# How to Contribute
This repository contains the data produced by the analysis and the code used to generate the [datapackage.json](datapackage.json) file.
All the code to perform the data preocessing is available in this dedicated repository: [cordex-hdd-cdd](
If you find any issues or if you have an idea on how to improve the data repository please feel free to open an [issue](
If you want to fix something or contribute please feel free toopen a Pull Request.
The following commands must be run only the first time to setup the work environment.
Create a virtual environemnt with:
`python3 -m venv venv`
Activate the `venv` with `source venv/bin/activate`.
Upgrade pip with:
`pip install --upgrade pip`
Install the required packages:
`pip install -r scripts/requirements.txt`
Install the development packages with:
`pip install --upgrade -r scripts/requirements-dev.txt`
Now activate the `pre-commit` hooks with:
`pre-commit install`
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