Commit 10ee61cf authored by Frisinghelli Daniel's avatar Frisinghelli Daniel
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Catch error when coordinates are inverted.

parent 2e76ebb2
......@@ -2846,10 +2846,11 @@ def clip_raster(src_ds, mask_ds, trg_ds, buffer=None, fmt=None,
ds.FlushCache() # REQUIRED: writes dataset to disk!
# catch AttirbuteError when TransformPoint inverts outputs from (x, y)
# to (y, x) which results in ds=None
except AttributeError:'Inverting coordinates ...')
# invert extent: from: (y_tl, x_br, y_br, x_tl)
# to : (x_tl, y_br, x_br, y_tl)
extent = extent[::-1]
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