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Fix #3
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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ else{
<li <?php echo $class3 ?>><a href="C_mcorpus.php"><?php echo $trans['m_corpus'][$_SESSION['lang']]; ?></a></li>
<li <?php echo $class4 ?>><a href="C_annotation.php"><?php echo $trans['m_annotations'][$_SESSION['lang']]; ?></a></li>
<li <?php echo $class5 ?>><a href="C_download.php"><?php echo $trans['documentation'][$_SESSION['lang']]; ?></a></li>
<li <?php echo $class6 ?>><a href="C_data.php"><?php echo $trans['downloads'][$_SESSION['lang']]; ?></a></li>
<li <?php echo $class6 ?>><a href=""><?php echo $trans['downloads'][$_SESSION['lang']]; ?></a></li>
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